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Quattro Trend Ltd. was founded in 2004 by the founding members named Mr Zoltán kovács and Mr László Kovács. Our corporation’s activity is the international and domestic transportation.

The main activity is the special transportation that means forwarding of overweighted and oversized freight (for example: machines and containers) which we do international and domestic relations. The members of the economic life – in all industrial fields – have a steady demand to transport such goods. We undertake to deliver imports and exports of complete freights, partial cargos and collective goods in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, The Czech Republic and Poland by trailers.

Our aim is to maintain our position in the Middle- and Eastern regions of Europe.

Oversized cargo

Delivering of oversized machines and containers according to the customer’s demand in international relations as well.

Domestic and foreign transportation

Import and export deliveries of complete loads, partial deliveries and collective goods by dumper trucks and trailers.

Ground work

Complete works of extracting building materials, making road foundations, mine works, building bed-plates and road widening.

We have great expertise and 16 years of experience in the field of oversized goods transport.

In case of oversized goods, there is a need for an individual transport and special equipments. Besides ensuring a special truck, there may be necessary licences to be acquired in many cases while assuring an escort car as well. Our modern equipment park enable different oversized cargos, agricultural and working machines, containers and industrial equipments to be transported.

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We don’t know the impossibility!

Oversized transportation safely, in unexceptionable quality, always adjusting it to the particular load.

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